New Beginnings

Dear Vulcun’nites, per our blog post earlier, today marks the closure of Starting today we’ve taken the website down. If you still need support, please email us at [email protected].


So why did we decide to go this direction?


Its simple. Our goal with Vulcun has always been to make watching games more fun and interactive. And we’ve found a better way to do it. Last year, we joined forces with If you’re not familiar with it, TwitchAlerts is the most popular tool for Live broadcasters – over 1 million Twitch broadcasters use it and we process over $7 million / month in donations for our users (100% free – no fees!). Check it out at


Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a set of games and interactive experiences as part of TwitchAlerts. We will begin a beta roll out of these over the next few weeks. Imagine your favorite games on Vulcun (and more!), but just done natively within Twitch Chat. So you don’t have to leave the community to play the games.


These will be hosted within Twitch Chat and proceeds from these games will directly support the Twitch Channel they’re played on. So you can play, have fun, and support your favourite broadcasters. Its super exciting and we can’t wait for you to check it out.


If you’re a Twitch Streamer and want to be part of the beta, please email us and we’ll hook you up (murtaza at


Once again, we thank you for everything.  


Vulcun Team

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  • William Freitas

    não consegui comprar o ultimo iten do market

  • Medo

    good luck guys 😀

  • ANON


  • Nestor Dario Bontempo

    tenia puntos para canjear por items -.-

    • Crazyyfaith

      REKT LUL

  • Dynamic


  • sailaS

    Yea what about my coins ?

    • DrAluminium

      Long before they shutdow the site they announced it and said that you should spend you gold.

  • Thomas

    So nothing is going to be done about all of the partials that were still there?

  • Bepo Bepo


  • Bepo Bepo

    [don’t remove bastards]

  • Bartos Gergő

    Well done vulcun. I have so many partials 3/4 karambit 3/4 dlore and more shit,and all deleted,0 refund,0 little prizeback,nothing,and i pay here more than 150$.

  • Bepo Bepo


  • Hyuna BubblePop

    It was fun. Rip in pepperonis

    • Marcus Lopes

      kpoop by aireoo

      • Hyuna BubblePop

        sir it is kPOP

        • Raymond

          dude wast abt my gold?

  • Bepo

    T-How ugly!
    H-The suspects delete the comments they do not like.
    F-That transparency

    • Hyuna BubblePop

      Please stop deleting your posts and blaming Vulcun.

      • Bepo

        You blocked my other account trash

        • Hyuna BubblePop

          Please stop making accusations

  • AkagiKs

    mis items T-T

  • Guillaume Gillet

    did a new site like the old will open like jackpot or market witch gold?

  • furkan ahmet


  • Ivam Vjvanov

    hello. Plese say how to play in csgo? How to bet or log in?

    • Constipated Luffy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      are u dumb?

  • Ivam Vjvanov

    on these website

  • unknown

    wow very shitty job … thanks vulcun

    • Hyuna BubblePop

      y u salty bruh

  • Johnny

    anyway to redeem my old points to money / skins or something? Was vacation so didnt know about all this stuff still got money in the site

    • relish joh

      You need to email there support that they left in that message you just read.

  • Billy bid blob face

    How Does did work

    • Henk Boy Swag thst


  • Юрий Деточкин

    where begin?

  • edy 230


  • Oscar Henriksson FREE$ code: Hroc

  • Oscar Henriksson

    csgostrong com FREE$ code: Hroc

  • Henk Boy Swag thst


  • Юрий Деточкин

    lul when start ?


    How much for new begin?


    How much for new begin?

  • alex

    Find out free CSGO skins:

  • MSNCata11

    No >_ Please bring back the old Vulcun :c

  • RapperFeri

    I lost a lot of coins that had gathered We moved because my internet and it was not three months :'(
    It’s an old picture, but it was a lot more coins :/

  • Getrox


  • Юрий Деточкин

    GG WP

  • JoeJoePoJoe

    lol rip coins – only just went to cash them out and i found the site was closed

  • ryanzkie mendoza gamboa

    how to sign up in vulcun?

  • Fox Pvp

    how do this work